Welcome to Save the Bookworms!

Save the Bookworms!

I started this blog to document my attempt to complete Insatiable Booksluts‘s 2012 End of the World reading challenge. You can learn more about it at their blog, but pretty much you try to read the most amount of pages by the end of the year and the winner gets a prize. I thought this was a great way to encourage myself to read more…because I obviously don’t read enough already. *Note: heavy sarcasm–will be used frequently*

Anyway, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to read a new book every week. Perfect! Surely, this will boost my chances at winning, as well as give me a somewhat interesting topic for a blog! A book blog! About books! I’m thinking I’ll make a post in the beginning of each week to give an outline of my goals for that week, and I’ll make a post at the end of the week to note my progress (namely, success or failure to meet said goals).

I hope to keep you entertained as well as informed! Fair warning: I may post random rambles from time to time. That’s just a habit. Sorry.

Let the challenge BEGIN!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Save the Bookworms!

  1. This sounds like an excellent challenge! As a fellow book worm with a book blog I would totally join in if I wasn’t such a slow reader 😦 haha. Good luck with your challenge! 🙂

    • Oh cool, I’ll make sure to check yours out too! Thanks, I’m going to need it. Spring semester is looking like a monster…

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