Day 4

“A guilty pleasure book.”


Please don’t judge me; the books are absolutely hilarious. I know they’re written for pre-teens, have covers that are various shades of pink, are decorated with tiaras, and in no way reflect what is expected of me to read, but I still read them and I’m in college. They’re great.


3 thoughts on “Day 4

    • Oh the movies are just perfect! Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews? How could it be anything but?

      I’ve never heard of that! What’s it about?

  1. It is sort of hard to explain…but I’ll try.

    Stanley Hastings is a failed actor turned failed writer turned private detective. He works as an ambulance chaser for a lawyer but people think that he is an actual private detective. Somehow he always gets dragged into helping someone with a problem that is way over his skill level as a detective and most of the time he just ends up becoming a suspect himself and makes more mistakes than you can count.

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