Day 6

“A book that makes you sad.”

The Twilight series.

Yes, I’ve read all of the books. No, I am not a fan in the slightest. I simply read them so I could more accurately hate them. I did open them with an open mind though, so don’t think I was biased. The story isn’t sad, really. It’s supposed to be romantic. But it makes me sad for humanity, for all the young girls who aspire to be this backless, anti-feminist, useless girl Bella. It makes me sad that this is a role model for so many growing girls. It makes me sad that books like this are able to be published and sold for a lot of money. It makes me sad because writing and publishing books has been my dream since I was little, and to see it so easily blemished makes me feel disappointed. I’m sorry to any Twilight fans, but I am not one.


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