Day 8

“Most overrated book.”


I’ll try not to, since I already used Twilight and I’m trying to avoid repetitions. (Ignore my double post about Harry Potter.)

The Silver Kiss or Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause.

The first is about vampires, the second about werewolves. Listen, I tried my best to avoid Twilight. You got the next best thing. Don’t get me wrong, there are some badass vampire and werewolf novels out there. These just aren’t them. The story lines are just…odd. I’m not even sure I could accurately–Can I please just write about Twilight? I’m writing about Twilight. Sorry guys.

I CAN’T STAND TWILIGHT. How did this series even get published?! There is no creativity within the story. Vampires? Have you heard of Dracula? Werewolves? Old as time. Jacob Black, a giant dog (come on, they’re not even real werewolves) who rides a motorcycle? A total rip-off of Sirius Black from Harry Potter–he transforms into a giant dog and rides a motorcycle, and has done so for years before Twilight came around. There are so many other character rip-offs like this in Twilight. The writing itself is ATROCIOUS. Honestly, my eyes felt like they were bleeding when I read the books. It’s elementary and cliche. The entire time, Smeyer uses a thesaurus. And how can we forget: EDWARD CULLEN IS THE CREEPIEST GUY EVER TO EXIST IN A FICTIONAL WORLD. He watches a girl sleep in her bedroom before they even get to know each other! He’s like 100 years old and could have spent his time doing something important for the world, like researching cures for cancer or something. Instead he goes to high schools and stalks teenage girls. There is no admirable character in the entire series, and there is not one positive aspect of the writing itself that could redeem the book.

I’m sorry, this might have gotten out of hand.


5 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. Hahaha, I don’t think the Twilight-bashing has gotten out of hand. I think you’re restraining yourself actually 😛
    It is embarrassingly bad, and so overrated. And I’m torn, because on the one hand people read this crap, and on the other hand, it has brought people who haven’t read in years (or ever) back to reading. Hmmm….

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