Day 19

“Favorite book turned into a movie.”

I’m going to avoid the Harry Potter movies for this one. While I absolutely LOVED the movies (except for the third one; fuck the third one) there are so many book-to-movie exclusions, mistakes, and general mishandling (there is absolutely NO hint of Harry/Hermione in the books; wtf Warner Brothers?!).

I think the one book I might like better as a movie is Coraline by Neil Gaiman. I loved the book as well, but the movie was so much more fun and magical. And you know I love magic. Henry Selick’s twist on it made it more light-hearted, but also kept the creepiness preserved. I never get tired of watching that movie. 😀


2 thoughts on “Day 19

    • Definitely check it out; it’s much darker but just as good! I love his work! I haven’t read all of his books though, so I’m planning on tackling them this year. 😀

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