Day 29 (so close to the end…)

“A book that makes you cry.”

Me? Cry? No way…

Psh I cry at anything! Honestly, I think it’s hereditary because my mom and grandmother (and now me) can cry at a second’s notice. I could see a rock and start crying. Not that I’m one of those weepy girls like Cho Chang (okay, that’s a bit harsh; she did just lose her boyfriend when we see her in the fifth book), but I tend to cry at intense or emotional parts of books. A lot.

This is probably a lame answer, but Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.

Not only is the topic depressing (I mean, come on. It’s about the Holocaust) but it’s even worse because this innocent young girl is subjected to it. Seeing the Holocaust from such a perspective is heartbreaking. I don’t really know how deeply I need to explain this answer, because to me at least, it’s very obvious as to why I chose it.


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