Day 1

“Your favorite book in the series.”

Easily, Order of the Phoenix (5). Shit gets real in this book; while Goblet of Fire introduced Voldemort as a character–as opposed to an idea by mention–the fifth book actively involves the villain. Harry’s tensions run high, which makes him seem more realistic to me. Sooner or later, he was bound to break from all the pressure. The fifth book was perfect timing because he was going through puberty, he just witnessed a classmate die, and he unintentionally helped bring back the man who killed his parents. It was a very stressful time and I would have been surprised if he acted any other way. Besides the drama, J.K. Rowling’s writing becomes a bit more sophisticated and confident. She has always incorporated magical elements behind the scenes (such as meanings of names) but the fifth book stands out from the rest as a maturation not only of the characters but also of Rowling herself.

Also, the Ministry scene. Need I say more? Okay, I’ll give you one more word: BADASS.


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