Day 3

I apologize for the flood of posts, but I’m trying to stay on top of my game. D:

“Favorite character.”

Easy-peasy. Severus Snape. He’s been my favorite since the first time I read the first book. I’ve always felt that there was so much more to him, and indeed, there was. His story was central to the entire series and the outcomes, yet it was hidden and invisible. He was responsible for everything, yet took no credit. He even went to great lengths to hide his accomplishments. Although I do not agree that Lily and Snape should have ended up together, I wish they would have been together for some amount of time during Hogwarts. He was a selfish character, sure, but who isn’t? I know I am. He ended up saving the entire Wizarding (and Muggle!) world, and in Harry’s words, was the “bravest man” in the series. Honestly, I could go on for decades talking about my love for Severus Snape, but I shall end now before it becomes unbearable.


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