Day 6

“Favorite professor.”

PROFESSOR MCGONAGALL!!!!! She’s intelligent, kick-ass, loving, and super powerful. I’m on the Pottermore Beta (hell yeah!) and I’m privy to Minerva’s background information. IT IS THE MOST DEPRESSING STORY IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it is very sad. Dame Maggie Smith is freaking adorable and the best suited to portray such an awesome character. I think she also represents McGonagall personally, because Maggie is fighting cancer yet she pushes herself to keep working on things she loves; McGonagall is very similar in the fact that she fights for Hogwarts and her beloved students despite her age. Although she should appear frail, she is one of the strongest characters. In fact, I have never imagined McGonagall as a weak character. She’s very bold and very outspoken. I absolutely love her.


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