Week Nine: Goals

I know this week is a bit short as a result of my late “Results” post, but hopefully I can make it up!

This week I hope to:

1. Finish Detour by Lizzie Simon (which I have to; it’s for a writing course)

2. Read Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

I think both of these are achievable and I hope to give you some promising news this Saturday.

Because I am an avid reader/book lover/bookslut/writer/crazy nerd girl, I went on yet another book shopping spree with some friends. In total I bought twelve books for $33 dollars. I’ll be recording and posting another book haul video within the week! I just have to wait for when my roommate isn’t in the room (she looks at me funny when I try to record videos…) Anyway, look for that. I’ll post the video here as well as on my YouTube channel.

I’ve been rather busy with school work, but I hope to step up my game. I’ve been feeling much more optimistic. This morning I wrote a timed essay for my English course about perspective and theory…I think I actually did well! (I’ll let you know when the grade comes in…or not, if it’s too depressing :P) But hopefully this feel-good mood will carry through to my book-reading!!


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