Week Nine: Results

Sorry once again for the late post. Yesterday my family celebrated my brother’s wedding, so I was pretty busy all day.

My results for this week aren’t terribly disappointing, but I wish I could have done a bit better. Here we go:

1. I finished Detour pretty early this week.

2. I didn’t get to finish Cat’s Cradle, which I was pretty upset about since it’s so tiny! However, I will be taking a four-hour car trip to Maryland tomorrow so we’ll see how far I get then. That’ll be part of next week’s goal though.

I did finish a book this week, though, so I’m pretty optimistic. I’m also pretty sick. YAY! This means I have a legitimate excuse to do that which I love: avoid people, drink hot tea, and read all day! 😀 Perks of Being an Ill Introvert!

On a slightly different (yet still relevant) note, I was talking to some friends about books that we’re really pumped to read this year. The Night Circus was my top choice, but since I have finished it (*tear*) I had to make a new choice. It isn’t really that new, but Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices series looks really awesome. I read the first book of Mortal Instruments–so I guess I should also check out the rest of the series as well–and this newer series looks just as promising! Also the covers are beautiful! 😀

So what book(s) are you most excited about for this year?? Let me know!


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