Week Eleven: Goals

This week is my spring break, and–true to form–I’m spending it holed up in my house reading…and watching ABC Family’s Five Day Harry Potter Weekend. :3 Oh, and maybe cuddling with my girlfriend every once in a while. Friends? Do I even have any? Hahaha just kidding (not really…) SO, on that awkward note, on to my goals!

Since I have all this time to myself, my goals are as follows:

1. Finish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson! My university shows movies that haven’t been released on DVD yet, and on my birthday (April 13) they’re playing this movie! I’m so pysched because I didn’t let myself see it in theaters since I didn’t read the book then. I can’t wait. :3

2. Read at least two other books to catch up! Books to be decided. (I’ve come prepared; I brought home ten books hahaha)

Well, off to go read some more. 


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