The scholarship search continues…

I’m really bored! I’ve been staring at my computer screen for hours, writing 500 word pleas for money. The weather has been beautiful, and I just want to go back outside with Dragon Tattoo and read! (By the way, I am loving this book! I don’t know how I pushed it off for so long!) But alas, even if I do not apply for scholarships, I have a memoir, a proposal, an annotated bibliography, and a bunch of reading to do for when I get back to college. *sigh* Why is being a college student so much WORK?! Wah. :c So this post is really me procrastinating, but I would love if you guys just played along…I really don’t want to do anymore work.

What’s that?

Oh, I have to?

Well, fine! Be that way. 😡

I’m gonna go back to work now….



Just kidding: reruns of Portlandia and raspberry iced tea.


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