Week Twelve: Results

Play the fanfare, please! I have successfully finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson! After months of staring at the cover, I have finally reached the end! And it was AMAZING. I am completely in love with this book. I immediately ran over to my campus library to watch the Swedish version of the movie. Unfortunately, the two copies of the second book were missing and on hold. >:/ I’m going to the public library tomorrow to pick it up.

So let me talk about Dragon Tattoo.


THE CHARACTERS. I immediately fell in love with Lisbeth Salander. Her personality is so badass and attractive. I found myself wanting to skip the other parts just to get to Lisbeth’s (not that the other parts are bad, but I’m just obsessed with Lisbeth). I can now add another to my long list of literary crushes. One thing that I love about her is that she’s a strong female lead, but she isn’t idealized. She has many obvious flaws–and she admits to them–yet she still manages to be kickass and awesome. As a feminist and an English major, I tend to overanalyze everything. I’m like those English teachers that freak out over the color of the curtains and their meanings–but I refuse to teach. Also, I can’t stand commercials for that reason (they all seem so horribly racist/patriarchal/something). So–back on point–I get easily frustrated when the female characters are pathetic or overly fierce. It’s as if they’re either suppressed by patriarchy or the author is trying way too hard to be a feminist. Lisbeth was real though; she was raw and so real. 

Besides Lisbeth, the other characters were all intricate and deep. Only the satellite characters who were mentioned in passing were shallow, which I can accept. Each of the characters had a unique personality and were identifiable.

The story itself was so intense! I love how it is made up of the murder-mystery (always an instant hook) and the background of the characters. There are three main story lines running at the same time, and I love it. I can get bored quickly, so having three stories to follow kept me interested. And each story was so deep! I know I keep saying that, but this book was really intricately crafted. Little details led to big discoveries, and the most minute details were included to make the story more tangible. I won’t give away the ending, but I will say this: I felt a little cheated. I know that it’s supposed to be a big shock, but I would have rather it didn’t happen that way. I don’t know, that might just be a personal preference.

Overall, I would give this book an easy five stars! Go read it now!

I mentioned in my goals that I wanted to read other small books to catch up. That didn’t happen this week. I am currently four books behind schedule, but I am going to the campus and public libraries tomorrow to pick up some books. I’m really excited about these, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to read them quickly and have time to spare for some short books.

Finishing the book this week has really helped me feel better about myself. *Warning: approaching minor self-pity moment* I’ve been really stressed about money, schoolwork, and friends, so when I haven’t met any of my goals I felt really bad. Also, my girlfriend came up to visit me this weekend, but we fought the entire time. We made up, but it’s just been a stressful time. So I’m feeling a bit better now. 🙂 Hopefully I can keep it up for this week! I don’t know though, because I have a history midterm coming up in a couple of days and a research paper due at the end of the week. I’ll keep you updated.

As always, follow my reading progress at my Goodreads account. If you don’t have one, make one. It’s awesome.

Happy reading.


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