Week 18: Results & Week 19: Goals


I swear, every time I think I’ve caught up, I’m two steps further behind. This week is finals week for me, so I’ve been pretty stressed out with studying, finishing up some papers, and making projects. My apologies.

Also, my roommate has gotten me quickly addicted to the show Supernatural. Ever heard of it? It’s fucking awesome. Go watch, now. It’s on Netflix. Anyway, when I haven’t been studying/writing/killing myself with work, I’ve been spending time with my roomie obsessively watching this show. And when I’m not doing that, I’m thinking about the show, reading fan fiction, and surfing the Supernatural tags on Tumblr…so I’ve been a little out of it lately. Again, I’m sorry.

As for my goals, I have finished all three of the little Princess Diaries books that I wanted to read. Shocked? Don’t be.  They’re each less than a hundred pages. >___< I still enjoyed them though. They are light-hearted and fun to read. Mia is such a funny, awkward, little character that I can’t help but laugh along.

For my goals for this week, I’m not aiming very high (finals, as I’ve said). I just want to finish J.R.R. Tolkien’s Roverandom. It’s a silly little story Tolkien wrote to explain to his young son where his lost toy dog went. It’s adorable reallly, the concept.

It’s pretty late and my roommate is already asleep. I should probably sleep soon, too. Lots to do. Ta-ta, happy reading.

P.S. Any Supernatural fans out there?! I started out as a Dean person, but I’m quickly obsessing over Sam’s story line. I KNOW that bad things are happening (I’m at season 6 now) but I can’t help it. I feel more connected to Sam than I do Dean. Also, I ship almost all the ships. Get at me. My favorites are Destiel and Wincest though. Strange and creepy, usually, but not for this show. They’re almost canon haha. Also, favorite character? I’m in LOVE with Cas. ❤ LET ME KNOW!


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