Here we go again…Camp Nano

I know, I know. You’re probably all going, “Jen! You know what happened last time! Are you serious?” Or maybe that’s just what I would say to myself. Either way, yes. I remember how I horribly failed due to my commitment issues with my writing. I remember that I gave up about ten days in. And yes, I am serious.

As you may know, my number one role model is J.K. Rowling, the author of my favorite series Harry Potter. Jo’s story is one that continues to amaze me. She was a single mother who was living in poverty when she got the idea for her book. She worked hard while taking care of her baby and paying rent. She had hit rock-bottom but was fighting to get back up. And she did. She became the first billionaire author–who then became a millionaire since she gave away so much money to charity. Her books changed the entire world forever and changed the lives of so many people, including me.

I want to have that effect on people. I want to change the world for the better, and I want my story to be told. I keep pushing off writing  by saying that I’m too busy or stressed, when in reality, I’m just sitting on my ass and scrolling through Tumblr. I need to get motivated and I need to get writing.

This August, I’ll be attempting to write the first draft of my novel. 50,000 words in 31 days. We’ll see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Here we go again…Camp Nano

  1. Best of luck! I know it can be really easy to just shove writing aside and write it off as being too busy. But im still crossing my fingers for you. First draft is just the first step lol.

    • Thank you! It’s been pretty slow-going. It’s hard because whenever I go to write, I want it to be instantly perfect. Drafting is a difficult concept for me to grasp. 😛 Thanks again!

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