Trying to pay my college tuition

I’m really sorry to use my blog to do this, but a lot of shit has gone down. As a result, I may not be able to afford this semester of college. As we all know, college is very important and it’s my safe haven. To try to get enough money, I’ve been selling some […]

Week Seventeen: Goals and NPM Day 22

Do you have any idea how stressful it was to pick a book for this week? Just ONE book? Although I’ve started to pack some of my things away (including books) for the summer, my desk is still filled with amazing, tempting books. However, what with finals soon and all of my papers&projects, I’ve decided […]

Week Nine: Results

Sorry once again for the late post. Yesterday my family celebrated my brother’s wedding, so I was pretty busy all day. My results for this week aren’t terribly disappointing, but I wish I could have done a bit better. Here we go: 1. I finished Detour pretty early this week. 2. I didn’t get to finish Cat’s Cradle, […]

Day 1

“Your favorite book in the series.” Easily, Order of the Phoenix (5). Shit gets real in this book; while Goblet of Fire introduced Voldemort as a character–as opposed to an idea by mention–the fifth book actively involves the villain. Harry’s tensions run high, which makes him seem more realistic to me. Sooner or later, he was bound to […]

Day 8

“Most overrated book.” Must…write…about…Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll try not to, since I already used Twilight and I’m trying to avoid repetitions. (Ignore my double post about Harry Potter.) The Silver Kiss or Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause. The first is about vampires, the second about werewolves. Listen, I tried my best to avoid Twilight. You got the […]

Day 7

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post this yesterday! I was so exhausted I went straight to bed when I got home…at 8 o’clock. I don’t even know… “Most underrated book.” I’m not sure how underrated this series is, but the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz is pretty freaking awesome. I only picked this series […]