Catch-Up: Week 33, 34, & 35 Results, Week 36 Goals, and I’M IN COLLEGE!

I really need to learn to manage my time better! I’m a few weeks behind schedule and a few books off as well! According to Goodreads, I’m eight books behind. Dayum. On a better note, I’ve taken several books out of the libraries and have filled my desk with books just waiting to be read. […]

Week Thirteen: Goals

NEW THEME! I might mess around with the colors (the background is really boring) but I love the colors and font. What do you think? This week, as I mentioned in my last post, I am going to the libraries. I’ll be picking up the following books: 1. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games 2) 2. The […]

Week Ten: Goals

According to Goodreads, I am three books behind schedule!!!!! D: I’m trying not to stress though, because next week I’m on spring break. Introvert on spring break = tons of reading & tea time. In addition, tomorrow I will be on a four-hour car drive, so I’ll have plenty of time to ignore my family […]