Let’s Play a Game of Catch-Up (Weeks 20, 21, 22)

Holy @$%^&* I am freaking late posting this! My sincerest apologies, everyone. I’ve been busy applying for jobs and writing a story–which I’m actually really proud of. Oh, and reading too, of course. However, I still haven’t finished any of the books I’ve planned to! I don’t know what’s going on with me! I have all this […]


I AM SO SORRY. This week has been one of the most hectic weeks of this year! As such, I haven’t been able to blog at all for the past few days. I have three papers to write, finals to study for, friend drama to deal with, family tensions, girlfriend issues, and my own emotional […]

Week Thirteen: Results & Poetry Month!

To recap this week’s goals, I wanted to read Catching Fire, Old Country, A Room of One’s Own, and half of The Girl Who Played With Fire.  I finished Old Country in about an hour (since it’s only about a hundred pages). Like I said in my Goals post, the book is a dark, slightly political fairy tale. […]

Day 27

” The most surprising plot twist or ending.” Honestly? I think I might punch myself in the face for saying this, but… My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. If you haven’t read this/are planning to read this and do not want spoilers, go away. That ending was completely like “WHAT?!” But I like it, because […]

Day 20

“Book turned into a movie and completely desecrated.” Oh, come on. This is too easy. ERAGON BY CHRISTOPHER PAOLINI. I fell in love with the books but that movie…holy shit (pardon the language, but I think it’s the most accurate wording). I can’t even comprehend how that movie HAPPENED. I absolutely hated it. It was […]

Day 19

“Favorite book turned into a movie.” I’m going to avoid the Harry Potter movies for this one. While I absolutely LOVED the movies (except for the third one; fuck the third one) there are so many book-to-movie exclusions, mistakes, and general mishandling (there is absolutely NO hint of Harry/Hermione in the books; wtf Warner Brothers?!). […]

Day 11

“A book you hated.” ….. Fiiiine, I won’t rant about Twilight anymore. Let me go scan my bookshelves for another book to bash… I’m not sure if this counts as double-posting since I mentioned it when talking about another book, but whatever. It’s my blog; I do what I want. 😛 Great Expectations by Charles […]